2 months of breakthrough individual coaching

  • Are you more than ever ready to tackle the one change that has always resisted you?

  • Do you have, year after year, the same improvement objective on your professional assessment, which you cannot get to implement?

  • Have you ever felt imprisoned by a goal that you cannot break through?

  • Do you feel that there is something holding you back from being happier and more efficient?

  • Are you ready to achieve the most important change of your life?

By the time you finish this program, you will have succeeded in:

  • Defining that one specific goal which will significantly improve your happiness and your efficiency

  • Uncovering the internal dynamic that has been “protecting” you from the changes you most desire to make, called the “immune system”

  • Engaging in an incremental learning about your resistance and testing its legitimacy

  • Overcoming your personal Immunity to Change and achieving the most important goal that has been resisting you

Break yourself free from whatever is resisting you
and engage the change you have always wanted to make!

This offer includes:
  • 1-hour kick-off session (preparatory work to complete and return 24h prior to the session)

  • 6 hours of coaching over 2 months

  • Unlimited access to your coach by email

  • Exercises, actions, tools, resources and follow-up between session

  • A 30-minute complementary check-in session 1 month after the end of the coaching

How to start this program?

Step 1: Schedule a complementary consultation
- This discussion is the opportunity to check if the program is for you and decide if we are a good match.


Step 2: Once engaged, plan and prepare for your 1-hour kick-off session
- The objective of this session is to launch your breakthrough coaching program, customize the Immunity to Change process to your needs, and co-create our coaching relationship.


Step 3: Start the 2-month breakthrough coaching journey that will make you achieve the most important change of your life.


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