6 to 8 months of individual coaching

  • Are you stuck in that feeling that your job is just not that great anymore? Wanting more or different but not clear about what you want and/or where to start?

  • Are you lost in a transition and do not know who you are and what you want anymore?

  • Are you in a mid-life crisis looking for a better balanced and meaningful life?

  • Do you feel trapped in a good-enough life and feel you do not deserve or cannot do better?

  • Do you want to transform a recent transition into an opportunity to make a significant change in your life?

By the time you finish this program, you will have succeeded in:
  • (Re-)Gaining self-esteem and self confidence and found your balance

  • Assessing and revealing your potential

  • Learning how to assert whom you are and what you want

  • Defining new goals and an action plan to achieve them

  • Exploring opportunities, experimenting options and discovering what makes you alive

  • Uncovering what gets in the way and pushing beyond these limits

  • Choosing what you want and remaining focus and committed to make it a reality

Do not settle for a life of missed opportunities and regrets!

Engage now in the life and work you want and become the one who inspires others.

This offer includes:
  • 2-hour kick-off session (preparatory work to complete and return 24h prior to the session).

  • 12 1-hour coaching sessions, planned over 6 to 8 months every 2 weeks (payable per session)

  • 2 personal assessments: life and/or work satisfaction and self-esteem / self confidence

  • 1 personality assessment (Myers-Briggs test)

  • Exercises, actions, tools, resources and follow-up between sessions

  • A mid-term review to adjust the way we work together if needed

  • Optional privileged access to the CHANGE BREAKER program

  • 1-hour take-off session at the end of the coaching to bring you towards autonomy

  • Optional check-in session 3 months after the program to make sure you stay on track

  • A lifetime line with your coach

How to start this program?

Step 1: Schedule a complementary consultation
- This discussion is the opportunity to talk about your goals, answer your questions and decide if we are a good match.

Step 2: Once engaged, plan and prepare for your 2-hour kick-off session

- The objective of this session is to customize the program based on your expectations, co-create our coaching relationship to fit your needs and to define the best way to work together.​​


Step 3: Start the 12-hour coaching journey that will make you write the next chapter of your story and make you the balanced, fulfilled and respected person you deserve to be.


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