Dreaming of change?

Going through a transition?
One particular goal resisting you?

Hitting a wall in performance?
Eager to boost your team added value?
One particular change resisting you?

Invictus Coaching

is the partner you need to help you "Write your own Story"


Your coach will create a trusting relationship and a safe & courageous changing environment,

and will encourage you find your own solutions, in total respect of your choices.


By coaching you on what you want to do and who you want to become and by staying committed until you succeed,

your coach will support you to grow and make the lasting individual and collective change you expect.

Your coach is based between France and the United States, and works with clients all over the world, in English and in French

Karine Guibert

Your coach,

Karine Guibert, PCC

As an expert in transition and change for 20 years, I provide transition coaching to individuals and teams who are ready and eager for a change towards what they want to achieve. I help them move forward and make the most out of a transition, and initiate the one change that will radically transform them for the better.


It is my conviction that:

  • No-one should settle for a good-enough situation that brings frustration and regrets.

  • With the right support, any change, even worrying and/or resisting, can be achieved.

  • Any transition, even one not by choice and/or causing imbalance,  can be a way to strengthen what is the most important for you.

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My mission is to inspire you to write your own story.

Karine knows all about change and the needed commitment to make it work - Gloria, Consultant



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