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Individual Coaching


Learn more about yourself, go from passive to active, regain self-confidence and assertiveness, in order to become the master of your fate, live big and dare to shine.

> Poem Our Deepest Fear, by Marianne Williamson

Individual coaching allows you to rise, activate your creativity and bring out your resources, to the service of a renewed performance and commitment. 


This personalized coaching program is specifically designed to unlock and develop your leadership potential in times of change.  It is intended for managers, executives, or business leaders who are at the heart of a change and want to make it an opportunity to develop sustainable leadership skills.

Type of missions

  • Develop a leadership posture by developing influence and assertiveness

  • Increase impact and efficiency in your communication

  • Achieve a sustainable balance in managing your time and priorities 

  • Develop your team performance and motivation

  • Implement successful delegation and exercise responsibilities more effectively

  • Manage a conflict and have courageous conversations

  • Manage a collective transition or crisis by creating trust and commitment

  • Successfully implement the first 90 days in a new position

  • Build an ambitious professional project and proactively implement it

  • Go back to work and regain self-confidence after a burnout

  • Regain a professional identity after a change 


  • Customized program:
    45-minute coaching sessions,
    number and frequency to be defined according to your needs - this program can be interrupted at any moment without charge

  • Immunity to Change” program:
    8x60-minutes sessions in 2 months 


  • “A la carte” program: 6 hours of impromptu remote coaching, over 2 months

  • Unlimited program: 6 months of coaching, planned & impromptu, face to face & remote

The steps

Each program is tailor-made and is available both in-person or remotely, in French or English.

All are based on a secure workspace that invites authenticity, openness and courage.


This first exchange, face to face or distance, is an opportunity to discuss your needs in order to identify the program that will suit you best, answer your questions and work together on coaching, and make sure we can do a good job together.

Goal setting

This stage takes place during the first session, and may also include a tripartite meeting with the manager and/or human resources manager. It takes into account the needs of the client, in close relationship with those of his organization. It identifies the key factors for successful coaching, and defines the role of each in achieving goals. 

Coaching sessions

In-person at or remotely, duration and frequency are determined according to the client's program and needs. Diagnostic tools may be offered as a supplement or as an independent service (MBTI, Enneagram, Immunity to Change), and the delivery can be based on internal evaluations (type 360).

Evaluation and follow-up

This step, which includes all those present at goal setting, allows us to evaluate the delivery and work together to define which follow-up to put in place.

“This coaching allowed me to settle down, to realize that my life lacked balance and that it was urgent to stop suffering from a situation that only I could change. Thanks to Karine’s coaching, I opened myself to opportunities and started exploring new options. Although not always easy, it led to a result. Karine is an attentive and obstinate coach who does not let go of her client until they find a place of satisfaction or transformation of their life.”
- Suzanne, research engineer

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