"My goal was to lose weight and finally feel in control of my body. I had never been able to meet this challenge, and between denial and fatalism, I felt great fatigue and frustration. I contacted Karine because I was fed up and felt that it was now or never. At the first phone call, I was able to appreciate how caring and reassuring Karine is. She is intelligent and articulate, and with the Immunity for Change approach she proposed to me, I knew I was going to learn and that made me curious.

This coaching was an excellent experience. Humanly, I enjoyed meeting with her for the sessions. But most importantly, I had never approached things this way and I really experienced a change. Despite my skepticism and my doubts, I saw how the lines moved each week, gradually and smoothly. By facing my goals and myself, without judgment but without denial, Karine helped me to respect and trust the process, to project myself into action and to appreciate every day as a small victory.

If I know that I still have work to do to achieve my goal, I dedicate some of my efforts and results to Karine, and I have turned my gratitude into commitment. Thanks to the generosity of her coaching, but also the tool I discovered, I really feel that I’ve made myself a gift and invested in myself. "

-Jade Truong, Management Consulting Associate

"I was starting a major career transition, with lots of fear, doubts and uncertainty, and I felt right away that Karine would be the right fit for me: she knew all about change and the needed commitment to make it work. My coaching experience with her was beyond my expectations. It was a real trusting and tangible relationship where I could experiment safely and courageously, and I greatly appreciated how intuitive and resourceful she is.

Karine is the right combination of pushing and caring. She stayed on my side, encouraging me, championing me and celebrating with me, but always held a bigger vision for myself and knew how to leave me empowered after each session. Thanks to her unfailing support, lots of changes happened in my career, but I also gained much insight and awareness on relationship and friendship.”

-Gloria Gong, Actuarial Consultant

"It is on the recommendation of a friend that I made the decision to contact Karine. After a perfect career, I was in a difficult phase of transition and reflection, related to my professional situation and a slowed down green card process. My feelings were a mix of fear as for the personal and financial impacts, and of frustration not to move forward as I wished. Karine wanted to understand and knew how to lay the foundations of a good work together. I really appreciated her listening, her availability and her capacity to adapt to what I needed.

It was not always simple, between wait and new developments, but we crossed this path together, without giving anything away and by treating the critical points of the moment without ever losing sight of objective. At the end, the result is very positive. Not only am I proud to have reached my concrete objectives (work and green card), but also I feel changed: I found enthusiasm and serenity again thanks to an in-depth reflection and decisions on my life balance and my relationships with loved ones."

-Jérôme de Chaunac, Managing Director

"In the context of a planned return to France after several years of expatriation, I needed help and a framework to reflect on my professional project: I wanted a renewal rather than a return to square one. From our first contact, I felt that Karine had clearly understood my expectations, and her experience in corporate human resources was a plus.

I came out of this coaching with a clearer vision of what I want and do not want, and methods and tools to use in concrete situations. I really enjoyed Karine’s openness and listening. She is available in case of emergency, knows how to open new doors to explore, and helps think out of the box. This strong experience from an emotional point of view has allowed me to get free from some of my chains and to ease some of my inner conflicts in order to move forward.

-Catherine Mineur, Finance Director

“Karine was recommended to me at a moment where I felt paralyzed in my professional life. I had worked for a long time in the same organization, I was unhappy and I did not know what to do next. The experience has been extremely positive and I am extremely grateful to Karine. I began this coaching with a precise question on my professional future. I ended it with a project which satisfies me intellectually, emotionally and professionally, and the feeling to have taken off. If you are in a midlife crisis, Karine is the person you can fully trust to help you reveal yourself and make the good decisions without fear of being judged. ”

-Carole G., Gallery Director

“Working with Karine was an impulsive decision. I was transitioning to an empty nest and reflecting on my professional opportunities. I was stuck but hadn't envisioned working with a coach, nor thought that I needed one! Turning to Karine was based on the feeling that she was humanely the right person for me. I am glad I made that call. Today, I am more self-aware, I better understand how I proceed. I’m also equipped with tools that I can now use whenever needed. Karine's guidance relies on a good balance between caring and professionalism; she is empathetic yet firm, knows how to receive without judging, gives food for thought, allowing to move forward with more confidence and serenity.”

- Hong Tam André, French teacher

“After 20 years in the same company, I felt trapped in a spiral that did not leave me time for reflection. Frustrated, I needed to work on the next stage of my career, but I felt my resistance. This coaching allowed me to settle down, to realize that my life lacked balance and that it was urgent to stop suffering from a situation that only I could change. Thanks to Karine’s coaching, I opened myself to opportunities and started exploring new options. Although not always easy, it led to a result. Karine is an attentive and obstinate coach who does not let go of her client until they find a place of satisfaction or transformation of their life.”


  • Suzanne P., research engineer

“The dissatisfaction I felt in my work was starting to step on my personal life: I felt phased out and I had lost self-confidence. If I knew right away that it was the good moment and the good person to help me, I did not think the result would be so concrete! Karine’s personality, her perception of things, but also the method she proposes, allowed me to make the good decisions, and I am now completely in sync with my convictions and my values. Karine offers an effective and adapted coaching, and I would not hesitate to confidently recommend her … which I actually already did!”

-Maud de Bretagne, Manager

“I participated to a meeting moderated by Karine, and I was amazed by her natural human qualities as a facilitator. She knows how to give meaning and make participants comfortable. She facilitates with great listening skills and a real empathy, and involves others with humor and kindness. She easily manages everyone’s participation, gently reframes when necessary, and knows how to find the words to unlock a situation when needed. Without ever putting anyone in default, Karine knows how to get everyone to participate and be involved. Even if the meeting started poorly, she knows how to draw positive results, for the team and for everyone.”


  • Agathe Dumas, Marketing & Communication


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