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Karine bases her practice on a trusting relationship with her clients, for which she creates a safe and courageous changing environment. She believes that people and teams are their own experts and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. She encourages her clients to tap into their resources and strengths, to foster their creativity and find the solutions and strategies that work for them. Aware of the challenges of any transition, she provides an understanding and encouraging support, and stays committed to her client’s objectives until they succeed.


Karine is based in New York City and works with clients all over the world, in English and in French.

  • Individual coaching sessions are conducted in person when locally, by phone or via web (such as Skype of Zoom), and offer additional support through online communication (email, text and chat).

  • Based on the program designed together, team coaching sessions will be conducted in the company’s office and with any possible remote communication tools (phone, web, email, text and chat).


Karine’s clients benefit from an ongoing coaching relationship, and the format is custom-designed around each of her client’s unique needs, timelines and constraints. She uses the traditional coaching tools, as well as specific techniques on change and her business professional background to best support her clients. She practices coaching in respect of the ICF Code of Ethics.


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