• Do you feel your team could do better and have much more impact and added value?

  • Would you like to bring your team to the next level of performance?

  • Are you in a team that has difficulties to make the most desired collective changes?

  • Are you in front of committed and loyal employees who have the skills to easily make a change, but yet inexplicably cannot?

By the time you finish this program, you will have succeeded in:

  • Defining the one specific goal that will significantly improve your team performance

  • Defining the individual specific goal of each team member, in relation to the team goal

  • Uncovering the internal dynamic, called the “immune system”, that “prevents” you, collectively and individually, from making the changes you most desire

  • Engaging, individually and collectively, in an incremental learning process about your resistance and testing its legitimacy

  • Overturning, individually and collectively, your Immunity to Change and achieving your most important goal

Are you ready to significantly boost

your team added value and performance?

This offer MAY include:
  • Half-days/full days facilitation and/or retreats for team coaching

  • On-site and/or remote one-on-one coaching sessions for team members

  • Individual personality assessments, individual and/or collective debriefing of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

  • In-between session access to your coach 

  • Exercises, actions, tools, resources and accountability follow-up between sessions

This customized team coaching program, based on the Immunity to Change approach, will enable your team to make the powerful and lasting change that you want. Not only will it allow your team to set a diagnosis and be able to see the internal mechanisms that prevent them from changing, but it will help them transcend their limitations and see the path towards overturning their resistance.

How to start this program?

Step 1: Schedule a complementary consultation
- This consultation is the kick-off step to discuss and plan the definition of your customized program, and to answer any questions you might have.


Step 2: Once engaged, co-design your customized team coaching program
- Based on your challenges, expectations and your expected ROI (Return On Investment), your coach will design the Immunity to Change coaching program specifically customized to fit your needs.


Step 3: Start the Immunity to change breakthrough team coaching journey that will take your team to the next level of added value and performance.


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