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Team Coaching


Understand the team dynamics and unleash its potential, in order to develop together the innovative solutions needed to implement sustainable change.

Team coaching sustainably activates the collective emotional, social and systemic intelligence at the service of the cohesion and performance of your organization. 


This tailor-made team coaching program considers your teams as a whole entity rather than a sum of individuals and is based on a systems approach that addresses internal and external interactions. It is designed for teams (newly formed, transverse, merged, settled, geographically dispersed, etc.), Executive Committees and Boards of Directors.

Type of missions

  • Increase performance through collaboration and co-creation

  • Relaunch the dynamic and federate around a common project

  • Manage and overcome a crisis

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation

  • Overcome relational difficulties and create cohesion

  • Find new solutions for efficiency and results

  • Adopt a global leadership culture based on responsibility and autonomy

  • Increase ability to resolve issues that arise


  • Tailor-made, stand-alone or long-term support program, including a diagnosis, an action plan and a review

  • Option: Participation in co-development exchange between leaders


Each program is tailor-made and is available both in-person or remote, in French or English.

All are based on a secure workspace that invites authenticity, openness and courage.


Designed to discuss your needs and answer your questions, it is done with the team sponsor, in charge of its development, and if necessary HR or other stakeholders. It identifies individual and collective issues, confirms that team coaching is the solution and defines the objectives and working arrangements. A proposal will be drawn up as a result of this exchange.

Meeting with the team

Following the signing of the contract, the first meeting with the team allows to define the objectives and results expected collectively, address the questions and resistances, and set up the working alliance. It can be accompanied by a diagnosis in the form of surveys, face-to-face interviews or the use of a specific assessment tool (MBTI, Enneagram, Immunity to Change), which will allow the definition of a coaching plan to which the team will adhere.

Coaching sessions

In-person or remotely, the number, duration and frequency are determined according to the proposal. They are based on exercises, with the whole team or in small groups, defined according to the action plan and the needs that will emerge and be expressed by the team at each session. They aim to better understand the dynamics of the team, unlock its collective potential and work together to develop the innovative solutions needed to implement sustainable change.

Evaluation & follow-up

This step measures progress and makes tangible the resources the team can rely on independently to continue to grow. On this occasion will also be defined the follow-up to be put in place to maintain the momentum, adjusting and strengthening what needs to be, through a system of accountability and the definition of new objectives.

“I highly recommend Karine as a coach.  Karine is able to deliver results quickly and efficiently utilizing face to face and virtual sessions.  She is able to put people at ease, facilitate a high level of engagement, and to navigate difficult conversations. All participants in the coaching sessions found their experiences productive and positive. My recommendation to anybody pondering the idea of a team coaching with Karine: do it!”

- James, Senior VP, Head of Global Intellectual Property

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