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Organization Coaching


Understand the team dynamics and unleash its potential, in order to develop together the innovative solutions needed to implement sustainable change.

Team coaching sustainably activates the collective emotional, social and systemic intelligence at the service of the cohesion and performance of your organization. 


This tailor-made team coaching program considers your teams as a whole entity rather than a sum of individuals and is based on a systems approach that addresses internal and external interactions. It is designed for teams (newly formed, transverse, merged, settled, geographically dispersed, etc.), Executive Committees and Boards of Directors.

Type of missions


  • Organizational diagnosis

  • Change in leadership culture

  • Definition of a new strategy

  • Merger with a partner organization

  • Reorganization and process change

  • Rollout of a new IT system

  • Unique long-term taylor-made program, the modalities of which are to be created together

  • Option: Participation in co-development exchange between leaders


Each program is tailor-made, co-created between the coach and the client according to the expectations and challenges encountered. It is available in French or English. The provision of a space allowing the whole system to meet and work in good conditions is necessary.

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