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Conflict Management

“Skillfully used, conflict generates the change that must emerge”

Based on this strong conviction, this offer has been designed for leaders and teams who want to develop skills to manage conflicts more effectively and not miss the opportunities of evolution they invite, whether in operational or relational terms.

The offer

The team

The offer is based on 4 pillars:

  • Understand the individual and collective mechanisms behind conflict and realize the potential added value it can bring

  • Develop agility to navigate conflicts with concrete tools

  • Learn to recognize your own triggers and identify resources to get back into constructive dynamics

  • Take responsibility and position yourself as an actor in each phase of the conflict.

Whether it is at the stage of prevention, resolution or restoration after conflict, the offer is tailor-made according to the situation and expectations of each client, and is based on several techniques: training, workshops, individual or collective coaching, consulting, and co-development. It is based on an Anglo-Saxon approach to leadership and conflict management, and combines several tools of non-violent, systemic coaching, emotional intelligence and positive discipline.

The team in charge of this offer is composed by Chantal Bourges and Karine Guibert, two leadership coaches trained in the United States.


Proactive, pragmatic and action-oriented, it is out of a taste for risk and adventure that they have teamed up to develop this specific service. Their solid international personal and professional experience has allowed them to develop key skills in supporting conflict management: relational agility and an eagerness for challenges. They approach any mission with the envy, open-mindedness and courage their clients need to learn how to manage their conflicts and make the most of them.

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