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The LEAP Program


When nothing is written, no path is marked and no rules apply anymore, how can we reinvent our leadership to bring out courage, commitment and creativity?

The Leadership Emergence & Acceleration Program - LEAP - is a pioneering leadership program for momentous shifts.

LEAP fosters sustainable transformation of individual and collective leadership, powered by enhanced relationships.


LEAP is a system-driven approach designed to address the needs of leaders and teams in today’s uniquely challenging environment.

The offer

Taylor-made, the program is built on an Anglo-Saxon approach based on neuroscience, immunity to change and group system theory, and is available in face-to-face and virtual, in French and English.

Through a creative, experiential, and action-oriented approach, it aims to activate individual intuition and collective intelligence, and to consciously and intentionally generate innovative and inspiring strategies.

Download the LEAP brochure now!.

The team

Veronique Bogliolo Friedman and Karine Guibert are a dynamic and daring team of leaders who approaches any new situation with enthusiasm and determination. With a French American culture, the two have more than 40 years of experience together in a Fortune 500 companies, leading development and transformation projects in an international context. Karine and Veronique draw their energy and know-how in the diversity of functions, cultures and business sectors in which they have evolved and in their Anglo-Saxon expertise as an executive coach in leadership.

By approaching each new mission with integrity and curiosity, they put their pragmatism, courage and optimism at the service of leaders and teams who are eager to find their style and their way into unknown lands.

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