Karine Guibert

If you have found your way here, it is likely because you are at a pivotal moment of change and growth in your story. You probably do not clearly see what is next and how to proceed, but you feel like it is the right time to move forward and make the transition you need. You may even feel like it could also be the time to achieve your most desired goal.

It is my conviction that:

  • No-one should settle for a good-enough situation that brings frustration and regrets

  • With the right support, any change, even worrying and/or resisting, can be achieved

  • Any transition, even not by choice and/or causing imbalance, can be a way to strengthen what is the most important for you.


I have been an expert in transition and change for the past 20 years. I provide transition coaching to individuals and teams who are ready and eager for a change towards what they want to achieve. I help them move forward, make the most out of a transition and initiate the one change that will radically transform them for the better.

My mission is to inspire you to write your own story.

I am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), trained Immunity to Change facilitator with Minds at Work, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and trained MBTI practitioner.

A bit of my story

As a change professional, I have earned a Master’s degree in Change Management and an MBA in Organization Development. For 15 years, I have worked as a consultant in change management, splitting my time between France and the United States. I have led major national and international projects of transformation for several industries. I was also a trainer in change management, project management, risk management, and inter-cultural challenges.


Personally, I have lived 3 expatriations where I faced the inevitable need to reinvent myself. I have been an expatriate partner for a decade, and know what it takes to make a challenging and rewarding transition. My career is also colored by significant professional changes: from a big consulting company to an NGO, from senior executive employee to self-employed, and from France to the United States.

On a more personal note, I have been married for 19 years and I am the grateful mother of 2 wonderful girls. I get my energy from nature walks, and I like to run or swim, depending on the season. I am passionate about stories in all forms (books, series, movies) and an avid listener of The Moth Hour podcast. My creativity is expressed through writing stories and portrait photography, but do not ask, nothing you might have read or seen! My fascination for the bold stances of Ted Talks made me join the Toastmasters community. And I put my passion for change at the service of a dynamic charity fighting for youth inclusion, named Life Project 4 Youth.


My coaching journey started out of the strong belief that change does not have to be hard and that a transition can always lead to an improvement. I now put my unique understanding of transformation challenges to your service, individuals and teams who wish to write the next chapter of their story. Without judgment and in total respect of your choices, my purpose is to help you make good decisions and achieve what is most important for you. With work and commitment, you can overcome any resistance and move forward to a whole new level of satisfaction and performance.


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