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Relationship Coaching


Develop strong and sustainable relationships, in order to increase together our capacity to address challenges.

Relationship coaching allows you to learn to be stronger together while maintaining your individual identity, calling for everyone’s co-responsibility. 


This customized coaching program is designed to help you create lasting, resilient, and efficient relationships.  Thanks to an approach based on relational systems, it relies on sessions with the 2 people involved in the relationship and aims to develop a conscious and responsible commitment of each of them in the relationship.

Type of missions

  • Create or recreate the foundations of a healthy and sustainable business partnership

  • Reestablish a trusting relationship 

  • Improve communication in a relationship

  • Learn how to manage conflict collaboratively

  • Find your role in the relationship and keep your identity

  • Resolve a disagreement or a relationship problem

  • Improve personal relationships

The steps


  • Tailor-made, stand-alone or long-term support program, including a diagnosis, an action plan and a reviews

Each program is tailor-made and is available both in-person or remote, in French or English.

All are based on a secure workspace that invites authenticity, openness and courage.


Following contact to discuss your needs and answer your questions, a diagnosis will be made based on interviews with the various stakeholders. It identifies individual and collective issues, and defines objectives. Restitution will be accompanied by a proposed action plan, which may include the use of diagnostic tools, either as a supplement or as an independent service (MBTI, Enneagram, Immunity to Change)

Coaching sessions

In-person or remotely, duration and frequency are determined according to the action plan and client needs. All sessions will be attended by the two people involved. The key factors for success and the role of each in achieving the objectives will be established from the first session. 

Evaluation & follow-up

This step allows us to evaluate the delivery and define together which follow-up to put in place.

We loved working with Karine. It was a highly valuable use of our time, to discover things we didn't know we needed to discover. We liked that you gave us equal air time without seeming to interrupt either of us. We were looking forward to the sessions and we were both pleased and surprised with how far we got.

- Rachel & Mark

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